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My Story

Hey there! I’m Myles Houle, born and raised in sunny South Florida back in October of 1989. You know, I had a pretty interesting childhood, bouncing back and forth between the bustling streets of Miami and the serene landscapes of Michigan during my grade school years. It was like having the best of both worlds!

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had this deep love for music and technology. I’d spend hours strumming my guitar and exploring the inner workings of various gadgets. It was a perfect mix of creativity and curiosity that set me on a path I’m still passionate about today.

As I grew older, I channeled my enthusiasm into the world of technology. Scripting, computer science, and reliability engineering became my jam. I embraced cloud computing, agile methodologies, and all things software as a service (SaaS). Troubleshooting and debugging? No problem! I became a pro at providing technical documentation and digging deep to find those pesky root causes.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working in some pretty awesome places. Take my time at Hagerty, for example, located in the beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. As a DevOps Engineer, I got to play around with a whole bunch of tools for deploying in AWS. From GIT-Enterprise to Azure DevOps, Prometheus to Terraform, I soaked up knowledge like a sponge, building solid systems that stood the test of time.

Then there was my gig at CBS Interactive. As a DevOps Engineer on the CMG team, I worked with some seriously cool technologies like GCP, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Fastly, and Akamai. It was an exhilarating experience, ensuring seamless operations and delivering reliable services.

But my passion for reliability and site performance led me to become a Site Reliability Engineer in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. It’s here that I thrive, bringing my skills in scripting, troubleshooting, debugging, and site reliability engineering to the table. I love creating systems that are rock-solid and stand tall even in the face of challenges.

And now? Well, I’m currently rocking the role of a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at CentralReach, and let me tell you, it’s fantastic! I get to make sure key performance indicators are on point and that CentralReach’s software as a service (SaaS) platform is as reliable as can be. Whether it’s agile methodologies, technical documentation, or diving deep into root cause analysis, I’m all in.

Oh, did I mention my beautiful family? My wife, Allison, and I have been blessed with two amazing daughters, Lilliah and Penelope. They bring so much joy and adventure to our lives. When I’m not conquering the tech world or strumming my guitar, you’ll find me soaking up quality time with my family, creating unforgettable memories and cherishing the love we share.

That’s me, Myles Houle—a guy who’s passionate about technology, music, and finding the perfect balance between work and family. I’m on a journey of constant learning and growth, leaving my mark in the tech industry while building a lifetime of happiness with my loved ones. Life’s pretty awesome, and I’m grateful for every moment of it.


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